All of life from conception until natural death is a seamless garment
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Welcome to This domain was originally owned by the Seamless Garment Network. However, the Network changed its name to Consistent Life, and moved its Web site to I am using the domain to help people connect to Consistent Life and other progressive pro-life groups, and to place a few pro-life pages I formerly had at my personal Web space at my ISP. I don't intend for it to become a big site, but I am open to including seamless garment/consistent life ethic material which doesn't have a ready home elsewhere on the Web.

I personally ponied up the money to buy the domain and put it back into the hands of the movement. I have a multiple-domain hosting contract, so at least my hosting costs for it will be small. If you want to help with the costs of this domain, at no cost to yourself, make any purchases you would make at using my affiliate code. To do this, simply click on any of the Amazon links in the right column.

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“I dream . . . of a world where we can commit our social resources to the development of human life and not to its destruction.” - Assassinated former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, at the 1994 Cairo Population Conference

On the Criminalization Question

Can the Seamless Garment be Sewn?
The Future of Pro-Life Progressivism

Symposium proceedings in
University of St. Thomas Law Journal, Spring 2005

How to Talk to Democrats About Abortion: Five Strategies for Making the Pro-Life Case
by Eric Pavlat in Crisis Magazine, October 2005

June 2004 Sojourners Magazine focuses on progressive pro-lifers
No Place to Stand by Heidi Schlumpf Pro-Life Democrats? by Jim Wallis

Life is life: born and unborn.
-Cindy Sheehan, May 4, 2006

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